What We Do

Insight-led patient engagement combining strategic thinking, creativity and innovation

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Understanding and solving real problems for real people making a real difference 

Starting with customer and business insights, we combine strategic thinking and creativity mixed with innovation to inspire people and change behaviour. Our focus is on understanding and solving real problems for our customers. 




Putting the patient at the centre of our focus reflects the evolving Pharma landscape in building solutions that deliver a benefit to the end user.  The insights from the research we conduct help build the platform from which to create patient centred solutions.  We utilise a range of tools & methods, from traditional to innovative such as Wearables and App based tools, to better understand the patient world. We also ensure time and effort is spent in delivering outputs that enable our clients to build solutions that can change the lives of their patients. 

Patient Engagement


So often patient support is built without the involvement of the end user, and a deep understanding of the problems that need to be solved. As a patient-focused business we work hard to understand patients as people. We work in partnership with patients, patient advocacy, and healthcare professionals to understand the true need and the problem we are trying to solve.

We develop and build our solutions in collaboration with the end-users, to create bespoke, highly valuable assets that are clinically relevant, contextual to the patient’s life and the management of their disease. Our passion is to enable patients to feel engaged in their healthcare and have a real impact on the patient-HCP relationship.

Social media

Social media has already revolutionised our expectations of customer service and how we interact with companies. We have true pioneers in the use of social media for healthcare within The EarthWorks and are able to support you corporately, in best practice and process guidance, training and support, regulatory consultancy and crisis management.
Social media has dramatically changed the healthcare landscape. It is not access to information alone that has transformed healthcare but access to each other. This impact has been demonstrated across the board from diabetes through to Fragile X. We can support your understanding of the social media landscape helping you listen to gain insight, solve strategic problems, map and understand influence networks and develop social presences that support the online health community. We also offer a full social media management and community building service.

Strategic Design


Content strategy

Nowadays, every business is a publisher! The development of a dynamic and fluid content strategy is at the heart of sustainable digital programmes. The EarthWorks specialise in the development of a sustainable dynamic content strategy based on editorial board development, content development, content curation and blogger relations. Every business is different in its requirements and we build a strategy that is right for your needs and objectives.

Technical strategy

The EarthWorks is a technology business and we are able to help you with all aspects of technical strategy. This includes infrastructure configuration and support, security configuration analysis, application support, data architecture and management, and data migration. We pride ourselves on the design of secure, scalable and cost effective technical solutions that support the most innovate and effective programs. There is no substitute for technical expertise at the very core of a digital agency.

Digital strategy

We take a strategic approach to everything we do, combining bespoke strategic models with unparralled experience at the intersection of technology and healthcare. Our mission is to solve your problems and make things simple. Not a shallow simplicity that comes from lack of insight, but a deeper simplicity only possible through understanding the complexities of both health technology, and the pharmaceutical and healthcare landscape.

We provide support for large and small projects with digital marketing and communications, health technology, organisational support and training and change management. We also offer user centred design and design thinking consultancy.

Develop & Implement


Website design and build

Almost anybody can build you a website these days, very few people can build a web experience that truly delivers on your business objectives and delivers a beautiful experience for your customers. We design and build our sites to the highest standards. This means we utilise a full user centred design process, cycling through: design, prototype, test and iterate, working in an agile manner until we have an intuitive and seamless experience for the users.

We design from the ‘mobile up’ as standard and can deliver successful responsive websites that work on any device or screen size. We can also deliver mobile websites, if the user tasks vary from the primary web experience. We also employ full testing and Quality Control and our sites are offered with a maintenance agreement to keep you up and running way beyond launch.

Mobile health

We specialise in mobile health technology and believe we can combine the power of the smartphone with a deep understanding of healthcare, to build applications that are clinically impactful and improve people’s lives. Our applications concentrate on contextual real-time support using lifestyle and wearable technology, or native smartphone functionality, to deliver information when it is needed. This means we could potentially predict the course of a person’s disease and enable significant behavioural changes.