At The EarthWorks Insights we develop a wider understanding of all aspects of the patient world.  Utilising traditional and innovative research approaches, we take this understanding to the next step to build patient support programmes which enable better patient outcomes, genuinely turning insight into action.

Variety of Research Services






Patient & Health Technology

Patient Health

As a team of researchers we have 3 key areas of focus:


Putting the patient at the centre of our focus reflects the evolving Pharma landscape in building solutions that deliver a benefit to the end user.  The insights from the research we conduct help build the platform from which to create patient centred solutions.  We utilise a range of tools & methods, from traditional to innovative such as Wearables and App based tools, to better understand the patient world.  We also ensure time and effort is spent in delivering outputs that enable our clients to build solutions that can change the lives of their patients. 

Brand Communications

Working closely with other OPEN Health teams we have developed a process aimed at optimising timelines and outputs for creative development work to ensure research is utilised to feed into brand development, be it positioning and message through to executions of creative concepts.

Internal Workshop

Consolidate existing internal knowledge & engagement tools incl. LOC interviews

Literature Review

Identify wider market understanding

Market Research

Plug gaps in existing understanding & generate ideas

Steering Committee

Develop ideas & solutions for a PSP & gather advocacy

Outputs Workshop

Build & roll out strategy of PSP tools

Data Visualisation

Bringing outputs to life. Working with the OPEN Health creative studio we develop cartoons, infographics, videos and posters to disseminate insight in a creative and engaging format to help research live beyond the project.