About us

The EarthWorks is a digital marketing and communications company. We focus on health technology as a means of solving problems in healthcare through innovation. We are supporting the pharmaceutical industry to build better relationships with customers by delivering high value assets, developed with rigorous user centred design thinking.


The EarthWorks is a unique digital agency that provides marketing communications consultancy alongside the bespoke design and build of health technologies. We have unrivalled expertise in mobile health and integrated digital communications programmes that have a real impact on people’s lives. 


Technology is not our primary focus; instead we think about the people we are trying to help and the problems that need to be solved. Everything we do is engineered around the user, whether they are a healthcare professional accessing information or using a clinical tool at the point of care, or a patient using a mobile application to better manage their health and improve their quality of life.


As part of the OPEN Health Group of companies we provide a broad range of health-focussed expertise. Within the OPEN Health group we have best in class brand marketing and advertising, medical communications, data and data consultancy, public relations, market access and patient consultancy. This enables us to build bespoke solutions for our clients through seamless collaboration.


As part of the Chime Group we access the latest innovative digital marketing and communications from the consumer, technology and sports marketing sectors. The potential for inspiration and partnership with technology, telecoms and sports companies is a very exciting opportunity.

The future of healthcare is a focus on wellness and not illness. We have the expertise and partnerships to bring this to life through our sports and technology experience and heritage. This is combined with our thought leadership and vast experience in pharmaceuticals led by Directors Alex Butler and Carwyn Jones.



  • Alex Butler

    Partner & MD, The EarthWorks

    Alex Butler

    Partner & MD, The EarthWorks

    Alex is a world leading pharmaceutical marketing communications expert with a global reputation in digital media and health technologies. He is a pioneer of global first digital marketing and communications strategy, campaigns and mobile health applications. He has always been driven to bring the best of digital to pharma: focused on delivering measurable results that impact people’s lives and provide a high return on investment. Alex is one of the most followed healthcare marketing experts in the world, and he writes and speaks regularly on the impact of digital media on health care, and the pharmaceutical industry.